What Is the Best Dog Shampoo and How to Use It to Bathe Your Furry Friend


Is your pet getting smelly, and you are looking for the best dog shampoo to help you get rid of that odor? The finest one will make sure that your pets' skin and fur are smelling nice but are also fully protected and nurtured. When bathing them with top-rated products, your furry friend will have shiny and healthy hair as well. That's why we should go over all the tips and tricks that will make this experience pleasant for dogs and owners.

Use Animal-Friendly Products Not Those for Humans

Every hair washing product is the same, right? Well, not exactly. Even if you are tempted to use your own products for bathing your dog, try to contain yourself because that is not a really great idea.

Using human products once might not harm your pet, but frequent usage can cause harm and damage to dogs' skin and fur coats. Two main reasons to stay away from human products when you are bathing your dog are:

  • Skin sensitivity – dogs are normally more sensitive than their human owners. While the human skin has 10 to 15 layers, dog skin has between 3 and 5 layers, making it really delicate. Because of its thickness, human skin can take more harsh products and chemicals while the skin of your pet will easily be irritated by them. That irritation can lead to scratching, dryness, and abrasions. 

  • pH levels of the skin – goods made for humans tend to be acidic so that they can clean the skin in the best way possible. pH levels of the human products are between 5.2 and 6.2, while those used for dogs have pH values up to 7.5. The alkaline skin of your pet shouldn't be treated with your shampoo because it will break it and make it vulnerable to parasites and bacteria.

Overall, if you can't avoid using your goods on your pet, find those with mild formulations that are used on toddlers and babies.

How Often You Need to Bathe Your Dog Depends on a Breed

Are you wondering how often you should bathe your furry friend? The answer to this will depend on many factors, from lifestyle and habits to the breed.

If you are an owner of an energetic pet that likes to spend the day outside playing in the dirt, you will be bound to bathe them more often than you would an indoor animal. Usually, you are expected to wash them every four to six weeks, but if your furry friend gets a little smelly in between, use water to rinse them.

On the other hand, if you have an indoor pet that rarely goes outside and plays in the dirt, you won't have to bathe them that often. When they start to get smelly, you will know that it is bath time.

Be careful, even though your pet might not smell, you should still bathe them regularly because skipping the process might put their health at risk. Keep in mind that dogs, unlike humans who breathe in their allergies through the nose and mouth, absorb them through the skin. That's why if you don't wash them enough, all the debris, dirt, and bugs they pick up will be absorbed in the skin and hair. This will eventually cause irritation, scratching, and lesions.

If you are not sure how often it is necessary to wash your pet, call a vet, and consult with them.     

Don't Bathe Them Too Often

Even if you use all the necessary and recommended products, bathing your pet too often can cause health problems as well. Sometimes shampooing can dry out the fur and skin and lead to extreme scratching and irritation. Excessive bathing will affect the natural shine of dogs' hair, making it look damaged, broken, and brittle.

If you want to make sure your dog has healthy fur, pet them, and feel their hair under your fingers, if it is soft to the touch, it is not damaged, and there is no need for worry.

Get the Best Dog Shampoo for Your Pet

There are more than a few choices when it comes to bathing essentials for your pet. Nevertheless, if you want to use a revolutionary way to wash your dog, you should try True Buddy's Pet WashPods

These pods are one of the best choices because they are made out of a natural and gentle formula that will pamper your dog better than any other product. Additionally, these pods are dissolvable in water, and they start to make suds when wet. This new, eco-friendly and simple way of bathing pets is also great when you want to reduce the usage of plastic packaging.   

If you want to get the best effect possible when you are bathing your dog, use the new Suds Glove with pet wash pods. These are designed to use with the pods which helps to soap up your furry friend, making the experience enjoyable for them. You use one hand to soap them up while holding them with the other without reaching for a shampoo. Simple, easy and fast using just the right amount of suds. 

TrueBuddy created Pet Wash Pods so that they could help every owner and their pooch enjoy the bathing process.   

Tips on How to Successfully Bathe Your Furry Friend Using Pet Pod Wash 

Preparation is the key to success. Before you get to washing your pet, gather all the necessary materials. First things first, order your Pet Pod Wash and SudsGlove from the TrueBuddy website. 

Animals can get restless, so thinking ahead will save you some time and make the whole process that much easier:  

  • Brush your pet so that you can remove any dirt caught in their hair as well as remove tangles 
  • Don't forget to remove their collar and lead
  • When you are introducing them to water, do it slowly so that they don't get scared 
  • Use your SudsGlove to clean them, paying special attention to their paws
  • When you are done, rinse your pet and the SudsGlove and gently dry your dog with a soft towel.
  • Avoid rubbing them dry because you may tangle their fur or hair 
  • Avoid the outside until they are completely dry.


Bathing your pet should be a fun activity for both of you, with a nice smelling end result. That's why you should use the finest and innovative goods that will make the whole experience that much easier and stress-free. Check out the TrueBuddy website and get all of the best products right away.


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