Funny Dog Puns That Will Make You Howl Out Loud!

Having a rough day? Need a good laugh? Maybe looking for some ice breaker cheesy puns? This is for you!!

I'm one classy mother pupper. 
He's the most pop-ular dog at the park. 
Don't stop retrievin.... (Hold on to that feelin)
You're such a mal-tease
The dog has been going through a rough pooch lately.
My dog makes me smiles from ear terrier (ear to ear)
I like big mutts and I cannot lie
My dog is my best fur-end
Did you have a ruff day?
I am fur-ever yours
Oh, paw-lease
I’m so paw-ssionate about dogs!
Love long and paws-prer
You're PAW-tastic
If nothing else, I hope these made you (and your kiddo) smile. Sometimes, we all need some cheesy humor in our life!

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