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100% Shampoo Concentrate in A Sheet

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The Easiest, Stress Free Way To Wash Your Dog

Good For Your Pet and Good For The Planet

Natural Ingredients

Made with wholesome, natural ingredients to ensure a gentle and effective clean for your furry friends.

Compostable Packaging

Our eco-friendly packaging decomposes naturally, reducing waste and protecting the planet.

Paraben Free

Keep your pets safe with our gentle formula, free from harmful parabens.

Cruelty Free

We love all animals, which is why our products are never tested on them.

How To Use

Real Pet Owners, Real Results


Washies have made bath time so simple! My dog, Charlie, stays calm, and his coat is always shiny and clean. The eco-friendly sheets are a brilliant idea!


I love using Washies for my dog, Daisy. They’re so easy to use and leave her smelling fresh without any mess. Bath time is now quick and stress-free!


Washies are perfect for busy pet parents! Luna's baths are now quick and mess-free, and her coat looks fantastic. The natural ingredients are a huge plus!


Washies are amazing! Max's sensitive skin isn't irritated anymore, and bath time is so much easier. The sheets dissolve quickly and smell great. Love it!


Bath time is a breeze with Washies! Bella's coat is soft and clean, and the lavender scent is wonderful. No more stress, just a quick, eco-friendly clean. Highly recommend!