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Washies Lavender Grooming Wipes

Washies Lavender Grooming Wipes

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100% PLANT-BASED FORMULA WITH VITAMIN E, ALOE, OATMEAL AND LAVENDER: each wipe is extra large, 12" x 12" . The pH of their skin is different from ours, so a wipe that feels good to us might not feel good to them. But use these babies after accidents, or to wipe down their paws and hair after walks or playing, to clean and moisturize your pup’s sensitive skin, and provide a bath-in-a-flash, or a pamper-on-the-go. We have you covered with this convenient 20 pc pack.

FRESH LAVENDER SCENTED wipes are gentle enough for sensitive skin, wrinkles, face, noses, and eyes to use everyday; meets your dog’s unique skin needs. Safely keeps your pet allergy-free while removing dirt and dander.

SUITABLE FOR ALL DOGS AND PUPPIES — These wipes are pH balanced especially for all dog breeds and puppies. Perfect for those in-between-grooms-days, or the got-into-something-I-shouldn’t-have-days, or the smell-like-a-wet-dog days, or just-after-a hike-days to wipe off potential allergens.

100% SAFE — Veterinarian recommended formula, free of sulfates, colorants, and harsh chemicals or irritants. Hypoallergenic. Leaves skin and fur soft and clean with out any residue left behind.

ECO FRIENDLY: Easy to dispose in green bin. These planet-safe wipes are compostable and cruelty free. Please do not flush. For external use only. Avoid consumption.

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