About Us

We are pet lovers who discovered that pet washing is often difficult and a pain for both owner and pet. We love our dogs and love having them clean, so we decided to come up with an easier, more environmentally friendly option. We designed our Pods and Suds Glove to help make pet washing a breeze. Our Pods not only help cut down on plastic packaging but also make washing a quicker process, so you'll use less water. Our Pods are also gentle and organically formulated, so your pet will love the bath!

Designed and Created by Oakwell Inc.

Meet David

A rescue pup, David, joined our family a few years ago. David loves snacks, his chew toys and snuggling under the covers no matter how warm it is. He loves running on the beach and splashing in puddles and more than anything, David LOVES rolling in dirt. Don’t ask us why, it’s a David thing!

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With all that activity, David can turn into “Smelly” and all the snuggling and cozying on the couch is a real issue. The problem we had is that David was afraid of baths and resisted every attempt to get him clean. Taking him to the groomer didn’t really make things better and he started getting hot spots on his skin from the products they were using. We love our little buddy too much to let that happen.

Meet Our Inspiration

We adopted David from a local shelter three years ago. What an interesting three years it has been! After David came home, he started having some health problems and this kicked started our family mission to make David feel better! We discovered he had an autoimmune disorder that caused him extreme pain. It was so sad to see David hurting. The treatment for his pain involved weekly steroid shots. After time, the shots caused him to develop skin and fur issues. As much as David was going through, the last thing he needed was to be uncomfortable and itchy! We tried so many products and were epically disappointed in each one. So, we took it upon ourselves to create a line of products for David! As time went on, our formulas got better and better until David was so much happier and less itchy. His skin and fur not only cleared up but it was better than before the steroid shots. Our family wanted to share David’s products with other dog owners who are struggling too. It is our hope that no other dog family must see their loved furry friend hurting and uncomfortable.