Winter Tips For Your Best Buddy

You read the title right... Cold weather is on the way and already here for some people. WOW, where did the hot summer nights go? As we move into the cold months I needed to brush up on some best practices to keep my pal comfortable and well taken care of. So, I decided to share some tips with our Hello Buddy Pack too. 

1. Your pup might need a jacket too! 

If you live in a super cold area, your pal might need a jacket or sweater for walks. Dogs with short or fine hair get especially cold during the winter. Going from inside where they are warm to the extreme cold can cause your dog to get very sick. So, remember to put them on a jacket when you put yours on. It is a bonus that dog sweaters are so cute! Here in California I never get to dress David in a jacket, but I bet her would look so adorable. 


2. Check paws for snow and salt

- Sometimes snow and salt from outdoor walks can get matted in your pup's paw pads causing pain and infection. Make sure you check each paw pad carefully after walking. If you can trim the long hair around your pup's pads it will help salt not get stuck. 


3. Dry them off every time they get wet 

- Make sure to dry your dog off every time you come in from a cold wet walk. As fun as playing in the snow can be, it will make your dog very cold and he will need to be dried and warmed up just like us! 


4. Never leave your animal in the car unattended

- Do you think leaving your windows up and a blanket in the seat for your dog is enough for them to stay in the car unattended? Wrong. Never-ever should you leave your pal in the car alone in the winter. If you are going to a place that allows animals, bring them in with you. If you are going somewhere that does not allow animals, it is best to leave them at home. 


5. HAVE FUN!!!! 

- Take your pal with you to cut your Christmas tree, to the park to see the lights, shopping at the holiday villages or even for a pup cup at a roof top igloo (yes, that is a thing here). There are so many fun activities to keep your pup active and happy during the cold season. We just have to remember to keep them safe and protected through the cold. A good practice is to treat them like we do ourselves. If we need a jacket, they probably do too. If we need to go in and warm up, so do they! When we wipe our feet on the door mat, they need have their paws cleaned. 

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