Who is Hello Buddy and What’s The Hype All About?!?!

Hello... Buddy! This is Freddy and Jennifer, the creators and owners of Hello Buddy. We thought it would be fitting to start out by introducing ourselves and our mission for this company. Three years ago, our family adopted our dog David from a local shelter. Not long after having him, David got very sick. The only treatment for David was frequent steroid shots. We quickly found out that steroid shots left his skin and fur damaged, cracking, and itchy. It broke our hearts! We tried everything to help him feel and look his best. Every product we tried left us disappointed and gave David no relief. So, we took to the creation table and decided to make David’s products ourselves. Our whole family pitched in with scents, ingredients, and products he needed. After trial and error, we perfected his products and as time went on his skin and fur were better than before the steroids. Some of our friends noticed David’s appearance change and wanted to use his products. We were more than happy to share what worked so well for us. Once they fell in love and their furry friends were happy, we decided to share our products with the world! That is a little bit about our story… now we are going to introduce you to our (or should we say David’s) products! We hope your family loves them as much as we have.


Hello Buddy Natural Calming Cream

David was restless at night due to being uncomfortable and anxious. This calming cream was a lifesaver for him. It can be used at anytime of the day; we enjoy it the most at nighttime. The ingredients are all natural, made with essential oils, cacao seed butter, honey and so many more soothing organic ingredients. The lavender scent makes David relax and the formula made his irritated skin feel so much better.


Hello Buddy Natural Dog Balm

Say hello to the most convenient product for your on the go needs! This stick formula is made with natural ingredients that instantly start soothing hot spots, irritated noses, paws or any area that is cracking or chafed. We take this stick with us when David goes on walks, to the park or just around the neighborhood. When your furry friend is walking on rough, cold or hot grounds their paws get inflamed quickly. So, we suggest applying this on them before and after they go outside to prevent paw pads from cracking. This is also a great product for ear and noses that get cracked and irritated. If you are late to the game and already have these issues, do not worry this product will help repair the issues! It can be used as a preventative or a repairing product.


Hello Buddy Insect Spray

There is nothing worse than your 4 legged family member getting bit and harassed by insects when outside. So, we created an organic insect spray that will keep those flying pests away from you and your dog. No longer worry about going out in the summer or after a rainstorm. Those bugs do not stand a chance when this product is around.

Hello Buddy Salve-ation Butter

This product feels exactly how you would expect from the name. It is butter smooth and your dog will L-O-V-E it! It is made with 5 simple ingredients that will also leave your hands feeling smooth after applying it to your pal. It is formulated with sunflower and olive oils, shea butter, vitamin and beeswax and offers a gentle comfort. Just apply this anywhere moisture is needed and your bubby will be thankful you did! This product is a daily moisturizer that works great any time but especially after a bath.


Hello Buddy Dog Pod Wash

We hate making a mess and wasting product. So, we created a pod that contains the exact amount of shampoo needed to clean our dog without the waste. Even the youngest member of the family can give your pup a bath with ease and no waste. The pod will evaporate once wet and releases bubbly suds that cleanses the toughest of fur to the finest puppy hair. We could not decide on just one, so we created three options. The pods come in Fresh Citrus, Lavender Oatmeal, and Rosemary Mint. Pick which one you and your pup like best or put all three into your lineup.


Hello Buddy Glove

Team this bath time glove with our pods and you will be in dog bath paradise! The pods fit perfectly into the glove and once wet, the bubbles come to the surface for easy mess-free cleaning. Once the bath is done, simply rinse the glove and hang it to dry. It really does not get any better when looking for an easy bath time routine.


From one dog family to another, welcome to the Hello Buddy Tribe! We hope you fall in love with each of our products and that they help your best buddy be the best they can be!


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