Top Dog Costumes of 2021!

Who doesn't love to dress up and have a blast each Halloween? We do!! Our family takes turns each year picking out our Dog David's costume. It is so much fun and each year we try to top the last. So, I decided to pull together a list of our top 5 dog costumes for 2021. Trust me, dress up your furry friend because you will not regret it! Some years, we also dress him up to match us. He has been the Starbucks cup and I was the barista. 


1. Wizard of Oz Family Theme - If you have a small dog, they could be Toto. If your 4-legged friend is larger, they could be the fearless lion. The owners would be any of the other characters from Dorothy to the Tin Man! 


2. Thing 1 and Thing 2- Have two cute pups? Why not let them dress up as Thing 1 and Thing 2? They would be a hit with the kids in your neighborhood. 


3. Grease- We love Grease! Why not be a Pink Ladies and/or T-Birds? I mean... throw in a milkshake... Or a pup cup from Starbucks.. and you are all set. 

4. Calling All Scooby-Doo Fans - The Scooby-Doo gang would be a great option for just your pup or a large family (like us). Include everyone in this family friendly idea!

5. Willy Wonka - This could be my favorite. So many possibilities for this costume!! Who knows you might see me and David dressed up as Willy Wonka this year.

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