Top 5 Friendliest Dog Breeds

Ever wonder what the best dog breed is? Ultimately, that is up to your family and needs. We are here to share our top 5 friendliest dogs. 
1. Poodle. I may slightly partial to a Poodle because one of our family dogs is a Doodle. Do not get me wrong, they are high-strung and energetic. But, who does not want a cute, teddy bear look alike to snuggle with every day? Our doodle is great with any age person. They are also so smart and learn commands fast. 
2. Golden Retriever. Does anything make you feel more like the American Dream then a beautiful golden retriever running around in your back yard? I think not. These dogs are amazing with children and form emotionally strong bonds with their owners. 
3. Cockapoo. This is one of the nations favorite breads. They are spunky, joyful, eager to make humans happy, and are incredibly playful. If you are looking for a lively dog, these little guys are for you!
4. Boxer. Looking for a large dog that loves to play? Look no further than a boxer. These sweethearts are great for indoor or outdoor family dogs. Playful and snuggly they will fill your home with love. 
5. Bassett Hounds. This bread is great as a lazy snuggly partner. They are one of the most laid back breed of dogs. Their long ears are so cute but must be cleaned often! 

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